Secret Menu – More Items

What is a secret menu without even more things you can order… Some of these are for your burger and some for your fries.. well, unless you really want a side of whole chilies with your iced tea.


Animal® Style – This is the most well known item on the “secret menu” featuring either a Burger or Fries. Your Burger of choice, with hand-leafed lettuce, tomato, mustard-cooked beef patty, add pickle, extra spread and grilled onions.   Or with your fries (which is cool if you order them to go, they put them in a nice Animal Fries box, it is grilled onions, pickles and spread placed on top of your fries along with a slice of melted cheese. (FF  Animal)

Protein® Style – Any burger wrapped in hand-leafed lettuce instead of a bun (and arguably the second most well known “secret menu” item behind Animal Style.)

Ketchup – Yes, Ketchup is available for the burgers so you don’t have to put it on yourself.

Mustard – Yup, Mustard is available as well.

Chilies (Chopped/Whole) – You can add chopped chilies on your food or get a side packet of 2 whole chilies.

Sliced Pickles – While often ordered as part of the Animal Style burger, they are available to be added to any burger.

Spread – The Double-Double spread is also available in packets so you can add as desired, or have it with your fries.

Grilled Chopped Onions – This is not a secret at all as this is the standard Grilled Onions that they often will ask about.

Raw Chopped Onions – This one is not as well known but exactly as it says.

Raw Sliced Onion – This is also not a secret at all as this is the standard sliced or whole onions that they will often ask about.

Grilled Sliced Onions – This is a bit more of a secret but exactly what it says.

Cut In Half / Split In Half – Exactly that.. your burger cut in half.

No Salt – On Fries or Burger

Extra Toast

No Toast

Lightly Toasted

Mustard Grilled / Mustard Fried

Medium Rare

Cold Cheese

Triple X (XXX) – Extra tomatoes, extra lettuce and extra onion.


There are items rumored to be on the “secret menu” but either customers have been turned down or no one can really verify them. YMMV.

Fries On Burger – We have seen this done a lot by customers (and we have done it ourselves) but based upon stories around the net, this is one thing that In-N-Out will not do for you.

Monkey Style / Gorilla Style – Similar to Fries On Burger, although with Animal Fries. Again, In-N-Out will not do this for you however that shouldn’t stop you from making it on your own.

Salad on the Side / Sal On The Side – Lettuce,Tomato, and Onions in a Paper Burger Wrapper on the side.


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