Secret Menu – Fries

One type and size of fries are on the menu.


Fries – fresh cut potatoes prepared in 100% Vegetable Oil.


However, there is a “Secret Menu” for the fries as well.


Animal Fries® – Fries..Animal Style as in grilled onions, pickles and spread placed on top of your fries along with a slice of melted cheese.  If you order them to go, they put them in a nice “Animal Fries” box.

Fries Well Done – Think the In-N-Out fries are not done enough. Then this is for you.

Fries Lightly Done – Think the In-N-Out fries are over done. Then this is for you.

Cheese Fries – Just that.. fries with a slice of cheese melted on top.


Also check out the More Items page for other “modifiers” for your fries like Chilies. Don’t forget about the “secret menus” for Drinks and Burgers!